Case Studies

Case Studies 

Below are the case studies you need to know for your GCSE Geography Exam.


Changing urban environments

London Docklands – UDC

City challenge – Holme, Manchester (scroll halfway down the page)

New Islington, Sustainable communities

Kibera – Squatter settlement and this presentation

Ganges and Bhopal – Environmental Problems

Sustainable housing – Curitiba



Maldives / East Anglia

Holderness coast (Erosion and management)

Keyhaven Saltmarsh



China – One Child Policy

Ageing Population – UK 

Transmigration – Indonesia

Migration in Europe e.g. Poland to the UK – reasons and impact on the host and country of origin


Rocks, Resources and Scenery

Mechanical Weathering – Antrim

Granite – Dartmoor

Chalk and clay – Chilterns

Malham Limestone

Hope Quarry

The ways people use the areas. Case study/ studies to cover the following uses: –

  • as a source of building stone – Hollow Banks Quarry (after extraction) / Drayton Sand and Gravel – during extraction);
  • production of cement;
  • opportunities and limitations for farming; (Dartmoor)
    aquifers for water supply; (London Chalk Aquifer)
    opportunities for tourism and the costs and benefits of this. (Malham, UK)


Restless Earth 

The Andes – Fold Mountains

Volcano in an MEDC Case study – Eyjafjallajokull

Volcano in an LEDC Case study – Nyiragongo, Africa – fact file here

Super volcano Case study – Yellowstone

Earthquake Case Study – MEDC – Kobe, Japan

Earthquake Case Study – LEDC – Haiti

Tsunami Case Study – Boxing Day Tsunami, Thailand

Tsunami Case Study – Japan Tsunami (Tohoku tsunami) –



Cities, mountains and coastal areas

Dubai – the importance of tourism

Butler Model and Blackpool 

Jamaica – case study of a tropical tourist area – mass tourism, its importance and the negative and positive impacts

Lake District – importance of tourism on the economy and environment – you can also use Malham in the Yorkshire Dales for this!

Antarctica – attractions of an extreme environment, increased demand and the impact of tourism

Ecotourism – Galapagos Islands